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It’s the ultimate paradigm of New York’s infectious energy and optimism. New Tiffany Tby Tiffany & Co. captures, with effortless precision, the unique essence of one of the most creatively influential cities in the world.

The collection celebrates the interdependence, open-mindedness and unapologetically modern culture that defines the fashion, art and design communities of New York and beyond – serving as a source of courage, strength and reinvention for its wearers.

“I wanted to create a symbol for modern life and its relentless energy that flows through New York and drives art and culture around the world,” says the new design director Francesca Amfitheatrof. “This is just the beginning of what I hope to accomplish.”

Dedicated to the world’s greatest cities and the global travelers who gravitate to the edge – where creativity sparks change – we’re thrilled to share with you our latest lookbook featuring multiple sides of Tiffany T, styled and worn by fashion influencersLisa Dengler of Just Another Fashion Blog and Kiara Schwartz of Tobruck Ave.

<h2class=”upcased-header”>LISA DENGLER | JUST ANOTHER FASHION BLOG

“In the days leading up to New York Fashion Week, I try to be as easygoing as I can in what I’m wearing. Tiffany T allows me to be just that while still standing out. Being graphic, bold and closely tied to the architecture of New York City, the collection truly resonates with me. It’s always a great talking point when meeting with other like-minded individuals.”


The Tiffany T wire bracelet is stunning on its own, yet simple enough to stack with other bracelets from the collection.


(Tiffany T Wire Ring, Tiffany T Chain Bracelet, Tiffany T Wire Bracelet, Tiffany T Narrow Chain Bracelet)


Not unlike the bold character of New York itself, Tiffany T’s American-fueled ethos of design both harnesses and releases the forces of liberty, freedom and creative ingenuity into the world.


(Tiffany T Chain Necklace in 18k gold)


“Here I am, wearing a simple white boyfriend shirt with silk trousers and black heels – perfect for a day of pre-NYFW meetings, showroom visits – you name it.” – Lisa Dengler


<h2class=”upcased-header”>KIARA SCHWARTZ | TOBRUCK AVE

“Fashion Week is upon us in new York City, preparing to see into the future through the visions of my favorite designers of what street style could look like in 2015 is incredibly exhilarating. This season’s new collection from Tiffany & Co. is an ideal representation of the New York spark I have come to thrive off of. It’s effortlessly cool and elevates every look to the perfect amount of edge I am looking for this season.”


For Kiara, Tiffany T exudes lightness, clarity and freedom, epitomizing the pinnacle American design.


The collection is upscale, yet versatile – traveling with ease from uptown to downtown.


(Tiffany T Chain Necklace in Sterling Silver, Tiffany T Wire Bracelets in 18k Yellow, White and Rose Gold with Diamonds and 18k Yellow and Rose Gold, Tiffany T Wire Ring in Rose Gold, Tiffany T Square Ring in Sterling Silver)


(Tiffany T Square Bracelet in Sterling Silver, Tiffany T Rose Gold Wire Bracelet, Tiffany T Wire Bracelet in 18k Gold with Diamonds)

“The design pays tribute to the Tiffany name,” says Amfitheatrof. “But there’s also a verticality and intensity to the letter that I associate with the energy and optimism of New York. And there is a lot of New York in Tiffany T.”

Tiffany T comes in 18 karat gold – rose, yellow and white – and sterling silver. The strong, graphic letter T is simplified, deconstructed and bent into jewelry that expresses an extraordinarily beautiful clarity. There are monumental hinged cuffs, minimal bracelets, chains of varied lengths and pendants, and rings and earrings lean and confident in their sensuality.

We’re excited to see what our bloggers have in store with Tiffany T as they embark on New York Fashion Week. Stay tuned for more coverage to come.

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